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Solve Babies is a Sydney based exclusive, private and discreet Mothercraft Service offering skills and experience in the care of children from birth to five years of age.

My name is Jennifer Tait and I can assist with newborn care, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, reflux, routines for your baby, multiples, sleep and settling techniques, baby massage, developmental milestones and toddler management, maternity concierge....all aspects of setting up your nursery, including what NOT to buy. Traveling with your baby? Let me do the packing for you and teach you how to avoid a jet lagged little one. 


"I paid for help with my Reflux baby and it was the best money I ever spent"
article by Lucy Kippist on Kidspot.com.au - read the article here

As a Mothercraft Nurse and nanny for my family, Jen's kindness, loyalty and expertise has helped us enormously.

Erica Packer


kidspot by Sarah Tempest 12 January 2015

"Jen is a lifesaver. If you'd like a good night's sleep and a happy baby you've found the right person."

Leila McKinnon

At 16 weeks, baby Charlotte's sleep regressed dramatically and at around six months she was waking to feed five times a night and would take 90mins to settle after that, she was cluster feeding in the evening, catnapping through the night, snacking, fussing and breastfeeding to sleep, waking up at 4am to start the day, and screaming the house down for hours at 6.30pm bedtime. Jen gently and firmly guided us through a new routine, diet and settling techniques. Jen listened carefully, was sensitive to our family's needs (the clashing schedules of teenagers, a busy toddler and a shift-worker husband), and was able to troubleshoot problems and share tricks as we implemented the new program. By the end of the week, Charlotte was on three breastfeeds a day, three solid meals, was going to bed with barely a whimper, one overnight wake up and a glorious 6.30 start to the day. Jen got our days and nights on track and devised a realistic plan for the coming months as our family travels, moves interstate and Charlotte starts daycare. Jen is practical and no nonsense. But she is so much more. She killed the chaos of the house, built confidence, and helped me find my mumma mojo and enjoy my children. 

Emily and baby Charlotte

"Words cannot express how thankful we are to have had you as our coach! have been spreading the word"
Phone conference .

Stephanie and baby Maddison

" We came in contact with Jenny after 4 weeks of hourly wakings from our four month old. With a toddler at home as well, we were at the end of out tether.
In one twenty minute phone call, Jen armed us with the knowledge and strategies to train our little night owl back to sleeping well. She gave us a soft option and a firm option for approaching the situation and allowed us to choose what worked for us. Severely sleep deprived, we went with the firm approach which we were assured would take around 3 days and nights to see change.
WELL...it took only 2 days and one night until our son slept a whole 12 hours at night and a total of 4 hours in the day. We couldn't believe it. Where was Jen 2 years ago when I had my first child? 
Over the next 4 days following our initial phone call, Jen touched base with us several times a day to check on our progress, answer questions and provide assurance that we were on track. For the fee we paid, I felt this service went way beyond what was expected of her.
Needless to say, Jen is now saved in favourites in my phone and i will recommend her to every mum and mum to be that I know. "

Carmen and baby Sonny

"Jenny has been our little 'baby whisperer.' I can't thank her enough for what she has done for our family (and my sleep). We now have a very happy baby that sleeps 12 hours straight at night. Before meeting Jenny this was impossible. Not only is Jenny amazing with babies, she is a warm, caring and kind person. We felt so comfortable having Jenny in our home and highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance and expert advice with newborns and toddlers".
Kylie & baby Ava
"In 2006, when my parents returned to the UK, my twins were 4 weeks old. I was completely out of my depth, depressed and not at all in control. Jenny worked with me and quickly gave me the confidence to enjoy being a mother and to relax. I trusted her then and still trust her now. Her knowledge, nurturing style and energy are amazing".
Kath from Beecroft

"I could never have made it through the first few months of being a new parent if it wasn't for Jenny. Before I reached out for Jenny's help my baby cried all day and night, and I felt like a complete failure. With Jenny's expertise I was able to solve the mystery of my baby's relentless crying and actually get some sleep. At six months she now sleeps 12 hours, uninterrupted overnight. I still email Jenny if I need advice as she seems to have the answer to everything. Jenny just gets babies!"

Alison & baby Imogen

"Jenny was highly recommended to me by my friend and I now wish I had booked her in advance of having problems and certainly will for baby # 2! She arrived at my door to find a shattered me and a crying baby. I had read so many books and was trying to find a pathway through the theory and advice. She observed my little one and made a plan of action, which she then taught me. I find that if I follow Jen's advice everything works like clock work. If I could keep Jen forever, I would. She is a fountain of knowledge. I trust her actions and advice implicitly and am so blessed to have had her in my home".

Anne-Marie & baby Sophie

"Took a couple of days, but Matilda is right on routine now....even having her sleeps out and about, which has NEVER happened! Sleeping beautifully.

Amelia Adams

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